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The Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture (IEPG), in cooperation with the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg, organises regular courses (University of Heidelberg) and public symposia (University of Heidelberg, IEPG Mannheim). Maintopics include basic ethical-anthropological research, improving orientation and information for the public, university courses in the field of psychotherapeutic ethics for doctors and psychologists, for those working in the social sector and for political decision-makers and an interested public.

The seminar "Anthropological and Ethical Foundations of Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy", held at the University of Heidelberg, is an interdisciplinary seminar with colloquia and symposia aimed at both students and postgraduate participants from the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology and education.

The topics of the interdisciplinary seminars and courses are not limited to psychotherapeutic problems. Rather, the knowledge gained in the psychotherapeutic situation is systematically transferred to a larger socio-political sphere of action. Following this approach, previous courses have dealt with the following topics, among others: Border situation and crisis, trauma and reconciliation, violence and power, peace as a balance in psychotherapy and political space of action, freedom of will and dependence, Eros and border situation, search for identity, borders and dissolution of borders. The activities mentioned have found expression in numerous book publications (see under Publication). At present, the body, corporeality and bodily life in psychotherapy are the focus of interdisciplinary work. The cultural, socio-political and religious perspectives are always included in the ethical and anthropological approach.

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Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture

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