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If you are interested (image material, program, speakers, publications), please contact the institute's secretariat.

Symposium 2018  

Borders - delimitation and the expansion of the world. Ethics as orientation and survival strategy in a destabilized world? Challenge for medicine, natural and human sciences, society and politics

Symposium 2016

Identity, the search for identity in a changing world. Why identity? Ethics - values - goals. Interdisciplinary perspectives. Next Europe - in Search of its Narrative

Symposium 2014

Disasters, survival strategies. Ethics - values - goals for a society in crisis. Interdisciplinary perspectives

Symposium 2012

Violence and power. Interdisciplinary perspectives. Practical relevance for psychotherapy and social action space

Symposium 2010

Ethics of the doctor, ethics of the patient, ethics of society. Basis for a sustainable health system. Medical, psychotherapeutic, legal and philosophical perspectives

Symposium 2009

Fault. Processing, coping, solution. Interdisciplinary social and psychotherapeutic perspectives

Symposium 2008

Responsibility and trust: the basis of a sustainable society. Interdisciplinary, social and psychotherapeutic perspectives

Symposium 2007

What is luck? Ethical perspectives and current happiness concepts. Interdisciplinary, social and psychotherapeutic challenge

Symposium 2006

Free will and dependence. Empirical facts and humanities perspectives. Ethical problem area as an interdisciplinary challenge

Symposium 2005

Eroticism, sexuality, relationship culture in the field of tension between helplessness and new dogmatization. Interdisciplinary challenge for science and the arts

Symposium 2004

Affects and emotions: the basis of ethical value formation and danger. Interdisciplinary challenge for science and the arts

Symposium 2003

Health care in the field of tension between economic efficiency and humanity. Interdisciplinary challenge for psychotherapy, medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, theology, economics, management and politics

Symposium 2002

Farewell and a new beginning. Ethical orientation in borderline situations in life. The art of living and the art of dying. End-of-life care - grief work. Challenge for the human sciences, psychotherapy, medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, theology

Symposium 2001

Action and Failure

Symposium 2000

Shaping empirical knowledge in a humane way


Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture

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