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The IEPG, Institute of the "Alma Mater Europaea", European Academy of Sciences and Arts, offers professional training, research and counseling in the areas of psychiatry, psychotherapy, education, pastoral care, spiritual care, and health culture in order to promote and develop contemporary ethical orientation. In the awareness of a socially necessary, but widely neglected orientation concerning the framing conditions for health culture, such an approach can only be developed on the basis of sound knowledge of the social and anthropological preconditions. The ethical dimension encompasses the need to make aware of the underlying suppositions about the human being in the world. The institute IEPG is dedicated to a pragmatic realization of empirical findings in a meaningful art of living, the improvement of health consciousness and mental hygiene.

In our institute we would like to initiate and promote interprofessional discourse between experts from medicine, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, pastoral care and education. Additionally, a wider public circle of participants is invited to take part which is interested in ethical questions of politics, economics, and art. The initiators of the IEPG in Mannheim have taken part in many public discussions for many years in the area of Heidelberg and Mannheim. As a consequence they have decided with their friends and sponsors that the ethical dialogue between experts is to be complemented by broader social discussions with the goal of a common realizable consensus. This consensus should be explicitly formulated in a responsible way wherever possible, in order to become a politically realizable strategy standing the test of time.

The institute is supported by an academic advisory board.


Prof. Dr. med. Hermes Andreas Kick

Managing Director and Head of the IEPG

Medical specialist for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Professor at Universitaet Heidelberg

Member of the Academy for Ethics in Medicine (AEM), Goettingen

Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg


Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture

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